Princeton University, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, is once again offering a free online Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies course through their partnership with Coursera. The course may be best suited for those that have a computer science background and wish to understand bitcoin on a technical level. Students learn through video lectures, embedded quizzes, and an online community to engage with in course discussions.

The ten week course covers the following:
Week 1   –  Introduction to Crypto and Cryptocurrencies
Week 2   –  How Bitcoin Achieves Decentralization
Week 3   –  Mechanics of Bitcoin
Week 4   –  How to Store and Use Bitcoins
Week 5   –  Bitcoin Mining
Week 6   –  Bitcoin and Anonymity
Week 7   –  Community, Politics, and Regulation
Week 8   –  Alternative Mining Puzzles
Week 9   –  Bitcoin as a Platform
Week 10 –  Altcoins and the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
Week 11 –  The future of Bitcoin?
The course starts on December 26, 2017.